Goddess Meditations

The Goddess Meditations offer a pathway to assist you putting into place your unique purpose. They are an aide to establishing your personal vision, by gaining insight into habits that support it and habits that hinder it. Whilst cultivating the energy to bring your vision to reality.

This particular path of transformation & healing starts with an initial Crystal Reading lasting half an hour to identify the major themes that will be focused on throughout all three sessions.  During each session a different Goddesses is channeled.  Beginning with Diana, moving onto Hathor and completing with Isis.  

Each Goddess is married together with their sacred shape for contemplation, and a given crystal to facilitate energy transmission for healing & transformation.

In turn you will connect with:

Diana for strength and focus using the sacred shape of the square and the harmonising crystal Jade.

Hathor for accessing unconditional love and completion using the sacred shape the circle and the tranquil crystal Turquoise.

Isis for overview and galvanised purpose using the sacred shape the triangle and the unifying crystal Emerald.

All sessions must be attended to benefit from the process as each Goddess helps to absorb and anchor different energetic principles. Allowing you to ignite true and powerful change when each of the principles connect together over the course of the sessions.

It is advisable that a space of at least a week is taken between each session so you have time to assimilate the information received and recognise the changes that will take place. 

Though the initial process is made up of three appointments you may opt to come back for more Goddess Meditations depending on your needs.

Goddess Meditations benefit anyone seeking:

  • To rebalance the divine feminine 
  • To awaken their awareness
  • To better realise self
  • To expand their consciousness
  • To align with their purpose
  • To bring the energy of Love into all aspects of their life
  • To release old energetic patterns
  • To bring into being new ways of living
  • To increase their confidence

And Anyone Interested in:

  • Channeling
  • Stable connection with Spirit
  • Clear connection with Subtle Energy
  • Egyptian & Ancient World wisdom
  • Living the principle of ‘As above so Below’
  • Self Empowerment

Goddess Meditations Package £350

Price available in USD on request