Hapé’h Circle (& Gong)

Sacred Medicine & Sacred Sounds

Hapé’h & Tibetan Singing Bowls Circle

Sacred Medicine, Sacred Sounds

Hapé’h, prounced Haa-pay is a blend of Sacred medicinal plants with tobacco as the base ingredient.  The medicine used in these sessions are created by the Huni Kuni & the Yakanawa tribes. Both are indigenous to the Amazon in Brazil and their Sacred medicine is supplied via sustainable methods that generate income for each of the tribes.  The medicine itself takes the form of a snuff which is blown via a pipe into each nostril.

Tobacco is a powerful plant for cleansing both the etheric and physical bodies. It is excellent for focus, centring energy, stilling the mind and opening the heart. 

It also detoxifies the body. All of this makes Hapé’h a truly great medicine for connecting your mental, physical, emotional & spiritual aspects, as it re-aligns & opens all your chakras. 

the Tibetan Singing Bowls powerful ancient science of healing via sound and vibration has a long and incredible story. For many centuries the monks, doctors, shamans and people of Japan, Bhutan, Nepal, India &Tibet have been using the bowls for healing the body & soul, for meditation and for sacred rituals. They believe in the special powers of the bowls, as a medium between themselves and cosmic consciousness.  Thus the sound and vibration provide a powerful energy medicine that has a healing impact on many levels:

  • Physical body: deep vibration releases the tension of muscles, massages the organs, rewires the brain, so stress and anxiety disappear. 
  • Energy body: combined vibration and sound release emotional tension and blocks, purify subtle energy channels and the energy field blueprint, rejuvenate the DNA structure (your information hardware).
  • Cosmic Holographic Blueprint: by opening your energy channel with sound and vibration you can experience spiritual awakening, union with universal consciousness and can heal yourself with new pure energy through your open energy channel, also triggering personal transformation.

By bringing together the twin vibrations of the Hapé’h and the Tibetan Singing Bowls, a potent blend is made for healing and transformation, while you lie back and receive a double dose of loving support.

These Circles are for anyone interested in:

  • Fully opening their heart
  • Fully Grounding
  • Focusing their energy
  • Cleansing their physical body
  • Cleansing their etheric bodies
  • Greater spiritual connection
  • Stable spiritual connection
  • Plant medicine
  • Shamanic based practices
  • Sound Healing
  • Energy clearing
  • Receiving Good vibrations!

What is the Group Rate?

£40 per session or £110 for a series of three.  

The groups take place right in the heart of central London at a private address in St Johns Wood.  Details of the venue will be given on booking.

Please go to the Calendar for group dates. The groups take place right in the heart of central London at, Buddha on a Bicycle, Covent Garden