Wellbeing at Work

The purpose of this corporate package is to set up a weekly platform for staff members to engage with Meditation as a support not solely for relaxation, but also to help establish & maintain, Focus, Vital energy, Creative thinking and an Overall sense of wellbeing.

This package helps attendees develop a greater awareness of their energy and how it operates by centring mainly on breath work and guided mediations. There will also be some movement on occasion to help alleviate any stress the body may be holding.

The format is an initial set of ten sessions take place during which attendees begin by working alone and build towards working in pairs.  The sessions are entirely practical and explore topics such as what Energy is, what is Stress, Habitual patterns and Receiving & Releasing Energy.

At the completion of the first ten sessions attendees will have a better sense of how to conserve and share their individual energy as well as helpful tools to retain a prime level of energy for themselves.

After the ten week series Roberta will gather feedback from participants with a view to creating ongoing bespoke sessions that centre on the particular needs of the group.

For further information and to discuss setting up this focused work for your company please contact us on info@essentialsacredself.com.