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What we Do

ESS is a system to align you with your Essence, that clear presence within you which is also named Soul, Spirit, the I AM. When this Essence is remembered and reclaimed it awakens the knowledge of your Sacredness, which naturally directs you towards your Pure Potential.  The Connection, the Intelligence, the Love that is an inherent part of being Humanely Human. 

By journeying through the elements that have come to be called Self you will be supported in realising the Divine Design of your Essence as distinct from habituated & inherited patterns and behaviours.  Thus allowing a renewed sense of Self to take form, come through, and reshape your life.

How we Do it

As a Channel and an Activator for Spiritual/ Energetic Change, Roberta offers systems that are effective in connecting, clearing and recalibrating the Energetic field of an individual or group.

These systems of Support are founded in Structure.  

Crystals, the activity of Channeling, Sacred Medicine and the Technology of Kundalini Yoga are tools that are utilised through ESS.  Combinations of these tools are created to establish connection with the individual or group, gather information from the surrounding field of energy, assess what needs to be rebalanced and respond by supporting Energetic Recalibration. Strengthening a Harmonised Structure throughout the Energetic Field to hold and support engagement with, and the continued unfolding of, the Pure Potential of the individual or group.  

Ultimately the work of ESS is to weave systems of support that open up Pure Potential and create Divine Alignment. 

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