ESS is a system for Cohesion and Clarity that is channelled by Roberta Boyce, at the heart of which is a simple ethos.  That an effective and happy life is seeded in knowing who you truly are.  That essence of self that exists beyond conditioning, outside of habit & free from past narrative. 

Once this Essence, your I AM presence, is remembered and reclaimed you reawaken the knowledge of your Sacredness.  Thus equipping you to create a freer life where you experience harmony, joy, love and balance by choosing consciously.

To create a resonate sense of self is a personal endeavour and can only be realised through direct experience.  There is no theory to being.  There is only the activity of being.  Therefore ESS has several options to facilitate you in accessing, acknowledging, accepting and ultimately aligning with your I AM / Your Truth / Your Knowing / Your ultimate capacity to Give, Receive and be Love.

Crystals are an important and ever present part of the work.  In Crystals we find the merging of the elements with vibration and light just as we find these in our self.  Therefore they provide the gift of helping us recognise our own form and structure. 

Also, by connecting with a Crystal’s specific vibration we gain assistance with amplifying, absorbing and releasing energy in accordance with our energetic make-up.

  • By starting with the intention to come to understand who you truly are without the limited belief systems you have inherited or created.
  • Doing this via a pathway of understanding and accepting all the elements of which you are made Mental/ Physical/ Emotional/ Spiritual.
  • Coming to appreciate how these elements have been formed. Then letting go that which no longer serves and strengthening that which supports.

This is Ultimately the work of ESS, through a combination of Guided Meditation, Crystal Alchemy & Sacred Medicine.  To weave a system of support so that you can step into your Pure Potential and realise your Essential Sacred Self.

If you are unsure which method to choose or you would like more information about any of them, then please contact me directly at