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Roberta will be in touch to discuss the details of your Mentoring package.

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The Spiritual Mentoring provided by Roberta is for individuals who wish to explore opening their Channel and strengthen their ability to attune their Channel.

Please be advised that Roberta vets clients for this offering and accepts those that are ready to work at this level or are already working stably with their Channel and wish to fine-tune their connection.

There is an initial commitment of 9 sessions.  Further sessions are then booked on an Ad-hoc basis.

By attuning to the individual’s channel Roberta accesses how their channel personally functions and what it attunes to. This creates the foundation from which session by session cleaning, grounding and expanding the channel takes place.  Creating greater clarity in the information being channelled through and greater confidence in listening to and acting on the information.

Throughout her time as a practitioner, Roberta has witnessed that it is this offering that leads individuals into finding out and developing how to be of service to others.

To Channel is to understand yourself as a conduit between Heaven and Earth:

It is a unique use of Intelligence.
It Allows you to move beyond limited perceptions.
It provides a guide that simplifies life
It helps you navigate living with assurance.
It grounds feelings into a resource that provides feedback.
It makes sense of what it actually means to be Sensitive.
It equips you to receive the resonance that is the sound of Truth.

Costs for Mentoring Package:

9 Session package – with a session given every two weeks: £1,125

Please note sessions can be for paid in blocks of three at £375 per block.

Any subsequent sessions are 45 minutes long, and booked in packages of 4.

Roberta will be in touch to discuss the details of your Mentoring package.

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Number of Sessions

3 Session, 9 Sessions