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Crystal Readings primarily focus on your patterns.  Where they come from, how they feature in your present life and what the patterns are teaching you so that you can better move forward in life. They centre on insightful support, rather than predictions.

Crystals are very conscious and Absorb / Amplify / Release energy according to the unique vibration that they hold.

Prior to your session Roberta handpicks a selection of crystals via tuning into your energy field. By accessing the information channelled through your field an energetic focus for the reading is created that informs which crystals are used.  

Each crystal holds a key to the themes of this focus, helping to clarify each point in turn.  In addition, the crystals orientate the energy of the reading into your energy bodies assisting you to embed the information, as well as aiding any healing that may naturally take place. 

Crystal Readings benefit anyone seeking to:

To understand their own Energetic make-up
To release outmoded patterns
To let go past narrative/ stories/ experiences
To free themselves from perceived limitations
To develop new ways of thinking/ feeling/ being
To ignite their purpose
To experience more joy

Costs for a Reading:

£125 for an hour or £95 for 45 minutes*

Any subsequent sessions are 45 minutes long, and booked in packages of 4.

*This offering is Global.  Currency conversion takes place at the point of purchase. 

This was my first channeled reading.  Roberta is incredible!  You feel like you’re sitting in her hands.  Absolutely fantastic.
Matt A

I had a psychic reading with Roberta because of long-term anxiety-based insomnia that other treatments had failed to have effect on. Roberta had identified particular crystals that would help facilitate and add clarity to the reading which was explained at the start.

Over the space of an hour Roberta shed light on number of causes that have lead to the issue and made suggestions that might help address it.

From inherited anxieties and learned behaviours at childhood to current lifestyle choices, every cause and effect that Roberta mentioned resonated with me in some way and by the end if felt almost like a joining up of dots that then created a clear picture of what was going on. By the end of the reading, the anxiety in the form of tightness in my chest that was present at the start had gone.

I’m not saying it’s been an instant cure, but understanding the reasons why I get anxiety-based insomnia and what the triggers are make it far easier to manage and anticipate and actually that in itself lessens the stress.

I also have new directions, focuses and life balances to aim for as a result of the reading. Thank you for an enlightening, inspiring experience!

Jessica H

My readings with Roberta were comprehensive, supportive and encouraging, shining light into what was so often hidden for self-protection (from early life or past lives and no longer relevant) but alive inside me and still to be healed, restored (and aspired to) and the blockages released.

I’ve had a radical shift in understanding – that I can choose, not what is wrong or adapted to the need to fit into a linear and hierarchical perspective, but what is most light, authentic, free, flowing, most joyful and creative.

Also the deep meditations of Roberta’s Crystal Channeling sessions have reinforced this transformation – from feeling far more grounded (core strengthening) to accessing a higher source of light energy – every day!

Robyn C

“Working with Roberta was a life changing experience for me in many ways. She reaffirmed my gut feelings of being supported and guided by an inner knowing and helped me connect back into this source. This has led me on a journey of building greater self trust and understanding of how to honour my needs, which has helped me develop into an independent person following my own path. I continue to use her guidance and teachings since our sessions as a way of checking in with myself, fostering inner peace, and spreading as much love as possible. I believe she has gifts few possess and feel very lucky to have worked with her.”

Rachael B

I have been seeing Roberta for some months now, learning to own and manage my emerging psychic abilities; I live near Edinburgh and Roberta’s in London, so we catch up on FaceTime for our sessions. I’ve found each session really helpful, and they are definitely helping me to normalise something that until now I have found pretty scary and difficult to manage. Roberta’s incredibly compassionate and kind, and very supportive as I find my feet. I actually think doing the sessions on FaceTime has been easier for me than it would have been in person, as it eliminates a layer of self-consciousness that I suspect would disturb me if we met face to face. As it is, I get to engage with my abilities from the safety and comfort of home, which gives me the familiar space I need to really let go and learn properly. I would absolutely recommend online training with Roberta, and plan to continue mine for some time to come.

Elaine G

I am so grateful for the time I’ve been able to work with Roberta. For many years I searched high and low seeking the answers to my purpose, lineage, and meaning behind my struggles. In my first session with her, so much was revealed in a very clear, accurate, and beautiful way. She helped facilitate a significant turning point in my life for which I am forever grateful. I know first hand that she is a pure vessel, and a gift to this world for those with ears to hear the truth she is able to connect with. I recommend her completely and without reservation.


The crystal sessions with Roberta have been fabulous. I felt held by a strong field of healing energy that allowed me to relax deeply and enjoy feeling taken care of. Her channelling and feedback touched me deeply. I experienced clarity, guidance and gained more confidence in my connection with the spiritual realm. She is a very gifted healer and spiritual coach.

M Blanco

It’s been several months since my reading, and I still hear Roberta’s wise, grounded words in my ear—she is a beacon of light and an astonishing guide. My husband and I each consulted Roberta and we are both grateful for  her insights about us as individuals and as a couple.  Roberta spoke as if she knew my life story from the inside out and her helpful hints for moving forward have been invaluable.

Sara L

‘I had an excellent reading from Roberta a few days ago. As I have listened to the recording of the reading again and pondered some of the things she mentioned, so much has made sense for me. There were a couple of things at the reading which I wasn’t sure about initially, but I can see now that they were spot on and have given me great insight into my situation. I would definitely recommend a reading with Roberta’


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