Activations for Pluto in Aquarius


Relevant to work with until 2040. This Meditation is guided by Roberta and Dallas Gudgell to work with the energetic alignment of Pluto entering Aquarius.



On March 23rd 2023 Pluto entered Aquarius for four months. It re-enters Aquarius in 2024. Then it drops anchor and stays put until 2044.

The last time Pluto began a sail through the waters of Aquarius was 1777.  During which time the Industrial & French Revolutions took place with the American Revolution soon to follow.

With Pluto (planet of power & transformation) in Aquarius (sign of the people, humanitarianism and technology) we face personal and collective change, from the grass roots up. Though it’s not possible to  know what far reaching transformations the 20 year cycle will usher in, it is possible to make personal changes that will ease and aid collective change.

This Guided Meditation is to activate the capacity to courageously embrace all and any change.  To connect with the Energy of the Earth & Cosmos during this super-charged Celestial cycle and become equipped to orientate through whatever comes next.