High Frequency Crystal Healing

HFCH supports the healing and evolution of the human being, by helping to rebalance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. This method of healing removes old structures in order to integrate new forms of living that allow you to be in touch with the light that you are. By working holistically throughout your entire energy field, HFCH gives tangible results that can strengthen you to create your own reality, and draw from your own inner knowing.

This method has helped individuals in changing and improving their lives positively & noticeably, placing them closer to their divine essence in the here and now, so as to appreciate each vital moment of their life.

The first HFCH session is an hour long and involves discussion about you and your intergenerational patterns.  Once a background picture has been established the physically healing is applied via Colour visualisation, Crystals and Channeled Energies, all of which combine to align you with your higher being in a distinct and individualised way.

All subsequent sessions are either 45 or 30 minutes long.  With repeat appointments taking place until you are in clear and cohesive contact with an ongoing sense of wellbeing.

High Frequency Crystal Healing benefits anyone seeking:

  • An improved sense of Emotional/ Physical/ Mental wellbeing
  • Freedom from established family behaviour
  • Freedom from established personal behaviour
  • Transformation
  • Connection with their Evolutionary Path
  • Greater Happiness
  • To step into their own Mastery
  • To feel anchored in their body 

Cost for an Initial Consultation: £90 for an hour
Cost of further appointment appointments: £70 for 45 minutes / £50 for half an hour
Prices available in USD on request