Crystal Channeling

The Crystal Channeling groups take place on the second, third & forth Friday of each month, in the heart of central London at Buddha on a Bicycle, Covent Garden. You can choose to attend any one of the three dates as the sessions are repeated throughout the month due to their popularity.

Each month a different life theme is focused on which attendees explore via the combination of a given crystal and guided meditations. The crystals provided are specially charged to help you expand your state and connect your channel. 

The Crystal also helps to access and ground energy so that you can make a clear and precise pathway to higher consciousness in a stable and sacred way. 

In turn the guided meditations support you in exploring the chosen life theme so you can directly channel information and guidance on how to live out your best potential in this area.

These sessions provide greater self-empowerment, in a balanced, warm and consistent way,  as they allow you to experience a deeper understanding of your truth and how to align to it. By moving beyond your everyday mindset you will receive knowledge into your Pure Potential and ways to bring it into being, therefore giving you greater choice, freedom and access to infinite resources.

You can find out which Crystal and which life theme we will be working with this month by going to the calendar section of the website

The Crystal Channeling Groups benefit anyone seeking:

  • To awaken their awareness
  • To better realise self
  • To understand their personal energy
  • To expand their consciousness
  • To align with their purpose
  • To bring the energy of Love into all aspects of their life
  • To release old energetic patterns
  • To bring into being new ways of living
  • Genuine transformation

And Anyone Interested in:

  • Clear & accurate Channeling
  • Stable connection with Spirit
  • Clear connection with Subtle Energy
  • Bio-Energetic practices
  • Living the principle of ‘As above so Below’
  • Self Empowerment 
  • Mindfulness
  • Holding space for others

What is the Group Rate?

£25 drop in or £90 to attend 4 sessions. These sessions can be used as one off’s or to help develop your ability to channel when taken each month in succession. 

NB: A four session booking must be used within the following four months after purchase.

I’d signed up to do a workshop with Roberta, not really knowing what it was about. I’d simply met her, felt the freedom that she inhabits and wanted that.  The workshop was gently but firmly facilitated by Roberta and was unexpectedly powerful.  Through care of her guidance and attendance I’d gleaned some surprising insights.  The days after the workshop laid proof to how transformative an experience it was. Roberta’s wisdom and perception makes this work something quite special.
Helena W

Roberta Boyce is a powerful channel.   She accesses high dimensions of intelligent energies and has the unique ability to explain what is taking place with insight and clarity.  She guides the sessions with great warmth, kindness and humour – creating a loving space safe enough for deep transformation to take shape. I’ve observed with delight myself and others in the group transforming emotionally and physically.  Essential Sacred Self brings about the joy, freedom and empowerment which is inherent in all true healing.

Isabel B

I attended one of Roberta Boyce’s Crystal Channeling workshops in Los Angeles recently. While I have been immersed in the healing arts for decades, I have never attended such a gracefully led and beautifully facilitated gathering of souls. Roberta held sacred and safe space for us to open up to receive the information that came, and to step-up to the wisdom there-in.  The hours flew by, as we had all clearly been in the timeless zone. I look forward to the next time I am blessed to receive her gifts, which she entirely channels to aid her students in Knowing their own grace and wisdom.

Lindya R

Hello everyone, especially those who look this moment at Roberta’s beautiful website.

If you’re open minded and curious about crystal channeling  (or just crystals) and seek somehow to change your life and find what is inside of you, hidden and waiting to release . If you’re in the dark of the tunnel and can’t find the light and you’re lost Roberta is the right person for you.

She is truly a treasure. A person who can see things from behind and understand how the spiritual work aligns with the crystal channeling and bring you to the desire you need.

Thank you Dear Roberta for showing me the light and bright side of me.

Maria L

I was referred to Roberta’s meditation sessions by a friend when I told her I was doing some soul searching and looking to be more in touch with the core of who I was. I’ve attended a few now,  highly recommend them to you. I feel it now if I go a month without attending.

Roberta is such a lovely person and facilitator of this experience, and I’ve really enjoyed the intimate group setting and quiet space.

I’ve gotten so much out of it and it has become a key part of my self regard and care. I can’t recommend the sessions or Roberta highly enough!

Clare W

I have done crystal meditations before, but I felt a profound effect with this particular meditation led by Roberta. Often, you are left to parse out your visions alone, but Roberta took great care in speaking to us about what we experienced in a tender-hearted way. I am still thinking about my meditation weeks later and drawing from the strength I captured through it.

Thank you!

Karolina W

Being new to The Chanelling groups I was not sure how I would benefit. But amazingly I have found it to be of great help in my process of healing and clearing of old energy. Participating in the meditation and practicing at home have brought a calmness into my life and is helping me to evolve into a more thoughtful and spiritual person.  I would highly recommend Roberta’s sessions to anyone having a desire to enhance the quality of their life.

Janice P

The channeling group was my first experience doing any sort of meditation, and I have to admit before I went in, I was a bit nervous and I didn’t know what to expect. But the second I entered the room, I felt at peace: Roberta had created such a lovely and welcoming space that I instantly relaxed. I was put at ease even further by her warm and open spirit during the course of the meditation. Her gentle guidance opened my mind more than I ever could have expected, and the expansion my spirit went through in just 2 hours with her was unbelievable. I couldn’t recommend a session with Roberta enough – it was truly transformational.

Sharona S

Guided meditation is something that can normally be quite frustrating for me, as I am not a very visual person and often am distracted by the words, and the pace of the exercise. But the afternoon I spent with Roberta, tapping into beautiful crystal energies, had me connecting with a very deep inner peace and found me completely adrift on a celestial ocean, learning to “see” in my own ways. She is a wonderful soul with a true gift, who exudes warm, loving and powerful energy. I look forward to more!

John DR